Ain't nobody, know me better...

The faces behind Better Place

Janne Amunét

36 years, two children, one baby in the belly of a beautiful wife, and a pile of dreams. It has the ingredients of my current life.

I grew up in fantasy worlds in a small town, but I spent eight years of my youth abroad, e.g., in China and Great Britain. This gave me a huge cultural richness and love for different countries, people, and stories, something that has since guided my whole life.

In my twenties, I ended up in the media/advertising life school through an apprenticeship contract. My dream was to learn everything I could about cinematic storytelling so that I could properly tell the stories I saw around me. I spent the last 10 years at a production company I founded, which later grew into an almost 20-person advertising agency. At some point, a pen came alongside the camera, and global clients such as Porsche, Nickelodeon, and Olympus Cameras, as well as small Finnish ones such as Telia, Supercell, Bugbear Entertainment, and Paperiliitto, became story and direction clients.

Now it's time to direct both the pen and the camera back to the original love - stories and people.

Misael Sine

Misael Sine is a Finnish-Indonesian commercial film director, who was born in Jakomäki (Finland), grew up in Bandung (Indonesia), and is now based in Helsinki, Finland. He has a good understanding of youth subcultures, street fashion, and audiovisual brand elements. Misael has had the opportunity to work widely with different brands like Porsche, OM-System, KONE, Telia, Neste, Toyota, Wilfa & Olympus. He loves people and gets along with people; he adores difference. Maybe it was because Misael always felt unwelcomed, and he never felt belonging in either of his home countries, the complex identity crisis of a mix-breed child. After growing up, this frailty became his strength when Misael realized he belonged to both countries, without having to look like a Finn or Indonesian.

Misael doesn’t have any particular style or genre that he prefers. In his commercial work, Misael likes to use natural light. If he has an option between an actual location or a studio, he’ll always choose the location. The crew Misael works with must be treated with respect and equality; he doesn’t believe in stupid hierarchies. 

Misael pursues his dream of becoming a film director because he feels like it is something he was born to do, so he runs and grows towards it. Misael truly believes in the power of art and its effect on changing people’s lives — it has changed his life. Misael’s most significant source of inspiration is his parents and the Bible. He has worked most of his career in advertising, but his heart burns to make true CINEMA - feature films. Misael also knows that he will be a movie director in the future. His guts tell him that he will probably win an Oscar someday.

In his free time, Misael likes to spend a lot of time in nature, swimming in cold waters, watching good and bad movies, and spending quality time with his friends and loved ones.

Misael does what he does because he is called to do so.

Emilia Kauppinen

Emilia has personally experienced what size of an impact it can have on one's life when someone invests time and effort in them and therefore her heart's desire is to mentor the future forerunners of the entertainment industry to find their fullest potential.

Emilia loves people fearlessly and defends her loved ones with an auttitude of a lioness. She is a hopfeul romantic who is dazzled by the beauty of this world and it's people. Her soul finds it's contentment in stillness and quietness, may it be in the nature or on the floor of her studio apartment. 

Emilia is a solution-oriented strategist. Having her backround in the startup and hospitality industries, her work ethic creates a compelling combination of getting things done without losing sight of people. Living in Mexico has left an unremovable mark on Emilia and it shows in her desire to withstand hurry. 

When working with Emilia you can expect transparency, excellence & honour. She is highly motivated to understand people and be present for everyone around.  Seeing the good in people and situations comes very naturally to her.

  • What

    Better Place is video & photo studio located in Kalastama, Helsinki.

    We want to offer a place where the future generation of storytellers can learn to grow in their craft. Where Youtube ends, Better Place provides the help needs for building the bridge between the youth and the creative audiovisual industry.

    It is a place where you are encouraged to experiment and of the most important part of it is to live and learn. Trial and error.

  • How?

    • Everytime on of our clients rent the studio, we will give it for a learning youth for free.
    • We will orginize workshops and forums that features professionals from the industry.
    • We want to prepare youth with not just the skillset but the character needed in work life.
    • We want to encourage and champion people that has passion for audiovisual creativity.

    Making our self BETTER by learning from people that are BETTER than us and providing it for the youth so future of our nation will be BETTER.


    To see BETTER storytelling that has the impact to change the society. Art that heals the world. We want everyone to end up in a BETTER PLACE.