You've arrived at a Better Place

"Yoon" - shot on Bolex Tri X 16mm by Tuomas Nurmi at Better Place Studio

Do Good. Be Better.

Do good. The kids will thank you.

We are a social enterprise with the goal of furthering the wellbeing of the next generation.

For every rental or service purchased, kids and youth are given opportunity to learn the visual arts, get mentored both in craft and character, and find purpose through visual storytelling.

Help us raise this next generation of creatives, so that they can make the stories of tomorrow better.


Be better. Your clients will love you.

This is not just a studio. Call it a mood-lab, vibe-factory or VSAAS (visual-success-as-a-service). We really don't care. It's a place for creators that takes the guesswork out of creating jaw-dropping visuals in a studio environment. 

It's never been better.

Better place, better vibes, better mood, better life.