There's gotta be a better way.

The media and entertainment industry can be a tough place to get into. Like most professionals in Finland, growing up, we didn't have many opportunities to pursue our passions of art, media, and storytelling; let alone have people around us who would teach, mentor, and guide us in how to sustain a healthy career and a creative lifestyle. So we did what we knew. Elbow our way to the top only to find out it's sometimes a cold and lonely place. 

That's why we founded Better Place, a studio business to finance building a creative hub where youth and kids can learn about visual arts and get mentored in craft and character.

We've built a state-of-the-art studio-as-a-service and partnered with some of the industry's best brands and companies to ensure this isn't another half-assed "good enough" youth program. Why? Because both the kids and you deserve better. 

Thanks for reading and caring. Every euro you put into this helps us put opportunity in front of a kid with a dream.

Love, Peace and Nappiness - The Better Boys & Girls

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Better Place is a new kind of video & photo studio in Kalasatama, Helsinki, that offers high-quality lighting presets and studio services whilst providing mentorship and learning opportunities for kids and youth interested in visual arts.

As a societal enterprise, our primary objective is to do good business so that we can do good in society. 


Glad you asked. Growing up, we couldn't find a place like this when we needed it, so we decided to build it. The rate of childhood hopelessness, depression, and anxiety is at an all-time high, but mentorship with safe adults, finding meaning through art and storytelling, and growth within a caring community has been proven to change things. Ain't nobody getting better if we don't do better. 


We've curated the space and equipment in a way to encourage experimentation. Lighting is all about creating emotion; we just call them moods. Hence mood-lab. No Walter White shiznizzles here. Just grab a lab coat and get cracking!


That's a beautiful question! We're only getting started, so we're still working on this, but here are some ways we're hitting the ground running.

  • Every time you rent the studio, we will put at least half of the profit into organizing workshops, after-school sessions, and learning opportunities for kids who otherwise wouldn't have the chance.
  • For older and more committed budding artists, we're building mentorship tracks that will prepare them with the skillset and the character needed to have a lasting career in the creative industry.
  • The kids and youth in our programs get access to the same equipment as you do when you rent. It's called equal opportunity.
  • We're working on providing honest work opportunities and learning-on-the-job possibilities with local production companies, rental houses, and agencies. (If you're one, call us maybe?)


On top of using the space to provide finances, we most need skilled professionals willing to give away their time either for free or for a small fee to hold workshops or mentor youths in our career tracks. We can't improve the next generation without providing them with the best opportunities. 

Get in touch if you're interested!


Absolutely! If you're a student, school or non-profit, get in touch with us and let's see what we can make happen!


Because we're happier when we eat, and food is an international language everyone understands. Talking about food.... I hear a taco calling my name. Gotta go. Chow for now!

"After years of therapy and reading self help books, he claimed that he was in a Better Place, but his actions showed that this was not the case." - Rick

Supported by

Focus Nordic

We're so thankful to have Focus Nordic as one of our main partners. Focus Nordic is the leading distributor of photo and video in Europe with more than 70 brands represented in 28 markets.

From day one, they've believed in the vision of creating a space where not just professionals, but budding young artists can become better.

Almost all our equipment can be purchased direct from them, and if you find something on their webpage that we don't have but you'd like to try, we can arrange possibly a touch-and-try session.

Show them some love and click through to see their offerings!

The faces behind the place.

Janne Amunét - Founder, Lead Dreamer

All I have is a pocket full of stories and a love for light and shadow. And so far, that's seemed to be quite enough. I may be a self-taught creative, but dang, I've had my share of lessons through the school of hard knocks. A multifaceted creative with a varied background in media and entertainment, I've gone from producing music for documentaries to becoming the wedding photographer of the year to being a sought-after advertising director and a brand story-telling consultant.

My simple love for stories and an inexhaustible curiosity about people has kept me deep in the pursuit of learning how to transport people into different worlds through different mediums. I spent the last 10 years at a production company I founded, which later grew into an almost 20-person advertising agency, working with such clients global as Porsche, Nickelodeon, and Olympus Cameras, as well as "small" Finnish ones such as Telia, Supercell, and Bugbear Entertainment.

Whatever success I've attained in my career is a gift from God, but it is still nothing compared to the gift of being a father to three incredible humans and a husband to my wife of almost 20 years.

Misael Sine - Co-founder, Mood Master

Born in Jakomäki (Finland), grew up in Bandung (Indonesia), and now based in Helsinki (Finland), my background has given me a good understanding of youth subcultures, street fashion, and audiovisual brand elements. As director I’ve had the opportunity to work widely with different brands like Porsche, OM-System, KONE, Telia, Neste, Toyota, Wilfa & Olympus.

I never felt welcomed or that I belonged in either of my home countries as a youth – talk about the complex identity crisis of a mix-breed child – yet in growing up, this frailty became my strength as I realized that I belonged to both countries, without having to look like a Finn or an Indonesian.

My passion and pursuit is to direct feature films, and it’s something I just know I was born to do. You’ll hear me give my speech at the Oscars one day! Art has changed my life and I wholeheartedly believe in its power to change others’ lives too. The crew I work with has to have the standard of respect and equality as I hate stupid hierarchies. My biggest inspirations are my parents and the Bible, and I enjoy my free time in nature swimming in cold waters, watching good and bad movies, and spending quality time with my friends and loved ones.