Special page for you my friend :)

If you found this page, that means that you're a part of our special Friends & Family circle, aka. people we value and trust.

What you get with that trust:

1. -20% off from all studio rentals.

2. You can rent equipment onto your own shoots outside the studio at the same -20%.

What we're hoping for:

1. Spread the word about Better Place. The kids will thank you.

2. High fives when you stop by.


To rent equipment OUTSIDE the studio, just add the product below this post to book a date, and then add all the equipment you wish to rent.

We'll double check availability and confirm the rental with you.

When you're ready to join, get in touch with Misael or Janne for your own personal discount code.

And remember... team work makes the C.R.E.A.M work.