• Multicam made easy.
  • Multicam made easy.
  • Multicam made easy.
  • Multicam made easy.
  • Multicam made easy.
  • Multicam made easy.
  • Multicam made easy.

Multicam made easy.

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*Our full day is 8 hours and half day 4 hours

Whether you're doing a multicam self-interview, or a multi-person live stream, this is where you want to start.

We've worked super hard to create an incredibly easy to use multicam workflow for people who need to quickly and efficiently produce high-quality videos in a studio environment. From talking heads to live music performances, this three camera multi-cam setup will make things smooth. 

The key ingredient to the ease of use is the inclusion of an ATEM Mini ISO, which allows you to live edit, stream AND record all three camera streams onto a single SSD. Once you pull the ISO file into Davinci resolve, all of your three cameras, cuts and audio will be retained, making the final edit way faster. 

The setup comes with top + back lights allowing for an easy top-lit feel, but is limited to that so remember to add additional lights for additional flavor!


  • Studio + Top & Background lights
  • iMac Streaming setup 
  • ATEM Mini ISO
  • 2x 500GB SSD Drives
  • 3x Blackmagic Pocked Cinema 4K cameras + rigs
  • 2x Olympus 12-100 f4 lenses & 1x Olympus 12.40 f2.8 (or 7-14mm f2.8)
  • Tripods, cables etc.
  • NOTE!!! Microphones do not come as standard, as they are not needed. Please add as necessary.
  • Wifi
  • Freight elevator from Työpajankatu 10C
  • Daylight and blackout capability

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  • Late cancellation fee 50 % (24h)
  • No Show fee 100 %


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